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Top 5 Business Communication Apps from Avaya

Being able to effectively communicate with your colleagues, clients and customers with a sense of certainty is essential to the success of any business. But there are more messaging apps than ever to choose from. Which is the right for your unique business needs? We help break it down with Avaya’s convenient, collaborative apps that make communicating from anywhere, anytime a breeze.


1. AVAYA IX Collaboration has only what you need.

“Is this thing on? Hello?” We’ve all heard that before when trying to set up a collaborative business communications tool. But Avaya IX Collaboration, the completely cloud-based meeting app, provides the perfect balance of features and simplicity—with voice, video, tasks, sharing and more.

It’s perfect for: teams spread across various locations who are looking for a way to work together without endless email chains. 

You can use it on: your laptop, your tablet, or your smart phone. 

What is has that no other app has: Is there such a thing as too many features? Yes, when they do more to confuse users than help them. Avaya IX Collaboration has the essentials—task management, screen sharing, and meeting scheduling—to increase productivity, without slowing users down.

Oh, and one more thing: Your company’s data is secure, as it’s powered by trusted names like Google and Amazon.


2. Avaya IP OFFICE is powerful, flexible and affordable.

Avaya IP Office goes beyond being more connected to being more productive. This app is a collection of simple communication and collaboration tools that let you engage with both clients and colleagues to get results.

It’s perfect for: getting voice, video, messaging, conferencing and calendar all in a single app that employees can use on any device, from anywhere.

You can use it on: on the road, when working remotely, or at a satellite office

What is has that no other app has: Scalability. If your business is starting out with five employees or booming with 3,000, Avaya IP Office can grow as you do, across up to 150 networked sites. 

Oh, and one more thing: Three versions means you can pick the one that’s right for your business right now: Basic Edition, Essential Edition, Preferred Edition, Software-Based Server Edition, or Select.

Avaya works across devices and software platforms - always keeping you connected!

Avaya works across devices and software platforms - always keeping you connected!


3. AVAYA IX WORKPLACE brings it all together.

Throughout many organizations, different teams and departments use various messaging apps to communicate with each other and others, whether its Slack, Salesforce or WhatsApp. It can actually add to the clutter and decrease productivity. 

Avaya IX Workplace brings everyone together for seamless communication and sharing.

It’s perfect for: allowing employees to continue using the apps they know and love, while integrating them across the organization.

You can use it on: any device! Employees can call, message and meet using one simple cloud application.

What is has that no other app has: Integrates both Avaya apps AND third-party apps, like Slack and WhatsApp.

Oh, and one more thing: Avaya IX Workplace can support up to 25,000 users, while Huddle Rooms can allow the intimacy of as few as three people collaborating on a project.


4. AVAYA IX MEETINGS adds the human element.

Consider it a meeting of the minds. Avaya IX Meetings’ virtual meeting room can enhance business relationships from across the country with just one app. Share documents and brainstorm with as many as 100 interactive participants.

It’s perfect for: bringing the feeling of face-to-face meetings to your business, even when employees, clients and customers are miles apart.

You can use it on: your Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android device, or dial-in with your phone in over 60 countries. It also seamlessly integrates with Avaya Aura® or Avaya IP Office.

What is has that no other app has: the innovative “Slider” lets those late to the meeting catch up on everything they’ve missed without disrupting others.

Oh, and one more thing: Record your meeting and download the MP4 file for a permanent record that you can share and revisit later.

Avaya messaging and conferencing on the go!

Avaya messaging and conferencing on the go!


Don’t need all the bells and whistles, just pure messaging that allows employees to interact and handle workflow? This is the one for you. Avaya Multimedia Messaging combines simple Instant Messaging with secure text, audio, video, pictures, and file delivery. 

It’s perfect for: one-on-one or multi-party conversations, topic-based conversations, and conversations occurring over time with participants hopping in and out as needed.

You can use it on: multiple devices including mobile, tablet and desktop.

What is has that no other app has: View active conversations from apps that use Avaya Aura® Presence Services, even if the app doesn’t have Avaya Multimedia Messaging enabled. 

Oh, and one more thing: Who said what and when? Search for archived or inactive conversations in the application History fan.


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