You text, chat, and use video every day, but voice is often still the centre of communications. Nothing is faster, clearer, or better at building relationships than a conversation.

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Powerful features make VoIP calls easy and versatile

Whether you’re using a phone, the web, or a personal smartphone, Avaya VoIP grants you all of the functionality you need to connect seamlessly.

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Stay Connected from Anywhere in the World

Connect multiple phones, whether office or mobile, to one phone number. This way, wherever you are, your clients and employees can still stay connected to you with ease.

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Tailor your connectivity and your availability

There are times when we need to be connected and, equally important, there are times when we need to disconnect. Our Business VoIP platform allows you to connect and disconnect devices, people, and yourself easily, when the time is right. 


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If you want to know about the technology that powers these systems, we’ll tell you all about SIP Trunking.

Whatever your industry, you know that effective communications are critical to your business success. And while voice is still at the heart of the way many people communicate, you also know that your customers and employees are sophisticated users of text, chat, video, and more. They switch seamlessly between these channels, and often combine them, to connect and get work done in ways that are efficient and convenient for them. They can reach you from almost anywhere and expect you to be able to do the same.

It helps your business use the internet bandwidth you already pay for in a more flexible way.

That’s where Avaya’s SIP Trunking comes in. What is SIP Trunking and how does it work? Avaya SIP Trunking provides you with a cost effective and flexible way to connect your business to the outside world. It helps your business use the internet bandwidth you already pay for in a more flexible way. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) simplifies your network by consolidating many of your services into one. You may have separate networks for voice, video, and data. Each of these has its own termination hardware, such as a router, and each service is a silo of cost, bandwidth and complexity. With SIP, you create a single network access solution that is shared across multiple applications, and a single termination point. This ensures you can maximize your bandwidth utilization, potentially reduce your costs and simplify the management and administration of your network.

Standardizing on SIP for your network access, clients and applications also opens up a host of new employee and customer service opportunities.

Your employees can enjoy the benefits of a holistic unified communications experience that works as well on a browser, mobile device or room-based system as it does on your desktop. Communication capabilities follow your profile as you move from device to device. You can easily access your contact lists, click to call, start a video session or schedule and join a meeting — all from the same familiar and intuitive user interface.

Employees stay reachable and productive from virtually any location or device.

Avaya’s SIP-based clients automatically adapt to the phone, tablet or browser you use to ensure you get an optimal user experience across platforms and device types. Employees stay reachable and productivity from virtually any location or device. Your customers receive a true multichannel experience that intelligently routes multichannel connections, including inbound and outbound voice, email, web chat, SMS and fax to the most appropriate resource. By creating a complete view of the customer and the context of their interaction, you can proactively manage the customer experience in a way that consistently delivers a superior level of engagement.