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Based in Toronto, Stacey Cohen Design (SCD) is a fast-growing, five-person residential and commercial design firm. For small businesses, presenting a professional image to existing and potential clients is critical. But as Principal Designer, Stacey Cohen, explains, her communications solution was doing anything but that.

My staff and I were using our own personal cell phones for all client communication, and that was causing problems on several fronts… the biggest issue was the lack of professionalism it portrayed to our clients.

In addition, using personal cell phones for business was compromising the privacy of her employees and hampering her ability to provide clients with the highest level of customer service. 

Cohen knew it was time for a change and made the switch to a Powered By Avaya IP Office cloud solution for her unified communications.

Avaya Solutions & Stacey Cohen Design

Avaya Solutions & Stacey Cohen Design


Right Solution, Right Price

Right Solution and Price

SCD faced the same technology challenge as most small businesses: the need for enterprise-level connectivity without an enterprise-level budget. That’s why Avaya’s cloud-based IP Office solution was such a good fit for SCD. It offers the functionality Cohen needs to put her best foot forward with clients at a reasonable price.

Avaya IP Office in a cloud environment offers core IP Office telephony and unified communications features to small businesses. The IP Office equipment is hosted off site by Canadian Cloud Partner TelAgility, and its functionality is offered as a service. 

The ability to transfer and put calls on hold is a close second on her list of favourite features. 

“The transferring capability is phenomenal,” Cohen says. “Before, if a vendor or client reached the wrong person, they would have to hang up and dial the cell phone number of the person they were trying to reach. Now they can be seamlessly transferred to that person.”

The IP Office mobile twinning feature is making Cohen and her staff much more accessible to clients, leading to better overall client satisfaction.

Thanks to that functionality, I get far fewer voicemail messages than I did before we implemented Avaya.

“My staff and I are always on the go, which means we’re off site a lot,” Cohen says. “The twinning feature makes us available to vendors and clients when we’re away from the office. And if we’re not available to take a call, the caller can be transferred to reception immediately by dialling zero. Thanks to that functionality, I get far fewer voicemail messages than I did before we implemented Avaya.” 

Today, SCD has one landline for reception and call transfer, and Cohen and her staff each have an extension. They work strictly off of iPhones using the Avaya one-X® Mobile for IP Office application.


A Professional Image

Very Professional Image

According to Cohen, the biggest benefit of deploying the Avaya IP Office cloud solution has been her ability to present a professional front to clients. Her employees are equally enthusiastic about the Avaya solution. It allows them to differentiate between work and personal calls and they no longer have to give out their personal cell phone numbers. 

Not only is the app on my cell phone easy to use, I answer the desk phone as well and it’s very user friendly

“The Avaya solution has been great for my staff in terms of privacy,” says Cohen. “When we were all using our personal cell phones, the caller ID that showed up when we made calls was the employee name and cell phone number, now the caller ID is the company name and the SCD telephone number.”

Wence Wong, who manages client relations for SCD and answers the company’s single landline, describes her experience with the Avaya solution. “Not only is the app on my cell phone easy to use, I answer the desk phone as well and it’s very user friendly.”

Cohen reports that even her clients have taken notice. “When clients call in and it says ‘Stacey Cohen Design’ they notice the level of professionalism,” she says. 


Growing, By Design

Growing by Design

There is nothing but growth ahead for SCD and Cohen appreciates the fact that her Avaya IP Office cloud solution will grow with her. “We’ve already added another staff position since we deployed Avaya and getting that person onto the system was seamless.” 

Stacey Cohen Design

Stacey Cohen Design

Cohen and her employees will also start using the conference dial-in functionality offered by IP Office. This will be extremely valuable for commercial jobs that often require conference calls with numerous participants.

“Overall, the Avaya solution has helped us function better as a company,” Cohen concludes.


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